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Brandon Lauer

I graduated from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, honored Magna Cum Laude. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota in Duluth, honored Cum Laude. I specialize in, and am experienced with, criminal defense. Protecting those charged with a crime is my bread and butter, my passion. I have worked as a Public Defender, a court-appointed attorney for those charged with crimes that cannot afford to hire their own attorney. 

I have tried cases to include felony assault, domestic assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, theft of services, DWI, check forgery, drug possession, and sexual assault upon a child. I have a broad range of success in pre-trial matters such as getting cases tossed for unconstitutional searches and seizures.

My guiding principles as an attorney include the following: 1) a client's interests come before my own convenience. It's your life and liberty on the line, and when you trust me to represent you, I will seek your best interests. That requires seeking a client's input, perspective, and desires; 2) I value keeping in regular contact with a client. You will not spend days trying to get a hold of me wondering what is happening in your case and will be regularly updated; 3) I will be honest and upfront with a client; 4) I will fight for you. I will not simply take your money and neglect your case; and 5) I will be honest and sincere with you. I will not sell you a bill of goods that I cannot deliver on. When being faced with making a decision, you deserve to have a realistic prediction of the outcomes.

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