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Case Results

  • State v. J.S.

    April 2021

    D.W.I Trial Jury Acquitted, Found Not-Guilty. Read On

  • State v. D.R.

    November 2022

    Not-Guilty on 5th Degree Drug Possession. Read On

  • State v. D.L.

    July 2022

    Client was charged with 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. Jury acquitted client, and the client was found not-guilty. Read On

  • State v. R.K.

    December 2019

    Client was charged with domestic assault for allegedly threating to beat up his wife. The two of them were married for over thirty years, and during the midst of a contested divorce proceeding, the wife conveniently accused Mr. K of threatening her. It was a convenient way to force him out of the... Read On

  • State v. R.C.

    October 2019

    Client was charged with two counts of Gross Misdemeanor Domestic Assault, one alleging intentional bodily harm, the other committing an act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm. Client has a conviction for Domestic Assault which made both these charges Gross-Misdemeanors. In addition, the Judg... Read On

  • State v. S.P.

    June 2019

    Client was initially charged with a hit-and-run. Later throughout the trial, the State added in a DWI charge. There was no chemical testing, no field sobriety testing, no testing at all. Surely, it was worth taking to trial. The State insisted on a DWI plea, and I insisted on a careless driving ... Read On

  • State v. T.A.; T.A. v. Commissioner of Public Safety

    February 2019

    After winning the client's driver's license back in a civil Implied Consent hearing, Client pled guilty to a careless driving. All in all, client goes forward in life with no DWI on their record (criminal or civil) and no further jail time. Just some probation and fines. Overall positive outcom... Read On

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