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Family Law

Are You Looking to Have a Court-Ordered Child Custody Plan? Do you Need to Modify It? 

Mr. Legal Mustache can help you with that! In Minnesota, your rights to see your children can come down to your custody and parenting time plan. Whether you're going through a divorce, or you were never married to the other parent, you can petition the court for child custody or parenting time. There are two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody determines which parent molds the child's routine daily care, control, and residence of the child. This can be either solely in the hands of one parent, or it can be joint between both father and mother. Legal custody is the right to control legal decisions, such as medical, educational, and religious. This also can be solely in the hands of one parent, or it can be joint between father and mother. Even if there is already a court-ordered custody plan, you may be able to modify it. 

Are you looking to have a Court-Ordered Parenting Time Plan? Do you need to modify it?

Mr. Legal Mustache can help you with that too! Parenting time is the amount of time you get to see your children and is expressed in the amount of overnights each parent has. For example, if you're the father, you may want every-other weekend and a couple weeks in the summer. Parenting time can also be either supervised or unsupervised. If there is already a plan in place, you may also be able to modify this.

Are you looking to modify your child-support?

In Minnesota, child support usually comes down to a formula, based upon factors such as income and parenting time. Mr. Legal Mustache can help you navigate this scheme.

What about a Divorce?

Unfortunately, sometimes a marriage just doesn't work out. Divorce can have life-long impacts upon your finances, your living arrangements, and your ability to care for and see your children. It's never smart to enter into this process without an attorney.

Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders?

Have you been served with a frivolous Order for Protection or Harassment Restraining Order? Has your spouse or ex-lover accused you of beating them, or harassing them? These orders can have serious implications on your liberty, and carry criminal consequences when violated. You must protect yourself! 

Is your spouse or ex-lover actually beating you or harassing you? Protect yourself by asking the court for one of these orders. If the other party violates it, they face criminal consequences. Protect yourself and hire an attorney to help you through the process.

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