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Mr. Legal Mustache's "Did You Know?": Work Comp Edition

Posted by Brandon Lauer | Dec 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

Mr. Legal Mustache, Why Do I Need a Work Comp Lawyer? Surely It Can't Be Too Complicated!

I understand that some prospective clients may not believe that a Work Comp attorney is necessary. I propose playing a game; it's called "Did You Know?" It's a small series of questions about Work Comp injuries. It's certainly not exhaustive whatsoever, but it may show you that Work Comp can be a little more complicated than simply "I got injured, now I get paid." Certainly the insurance company won't always see it that way.

Did You Know?

Did you know that negligence is not a factor when it comes to whether you are entitled to benefits?

Did you know that even a pre-existing condition can be covered by Work Comp if your current employment is a "substantial contributing factor" to a further aggravation?

Did you know that an injury brought about by repeated use can be covered by the Work Comp law, and that a specific "accident" isn't necessary?

Did you know that a disease that your employment puts you at particular risk of acquiring can be covered?

Did you know that an injury caused by a prior work injury can be covered if it is a "direct and natural consequence" of your first injury?

Did you know that if you fall on a hard and flat surface, you will *not* be covered?

Did you know that development of depression without any sort of physical injury will generally not be covered?

Did you know that home ownership does not necessarily make you liable for the injuries of one working on your house, at least under Work Comp?

So, Did You Know?

The reality is that Work Comp is not always clear, cut, and dry. An individual case can be nuanced and fact-specific.

But here's why you ought to hire an attorney: you aren't really on the hook for a fee unless there's a fight and you win. I'll monitor your case for free. And when the insurance decides to prematurely cut off your benefits, I'll be there on guard (like a lion!) ready to fight back. And at that point, would you rather fight that fight on your own, or let an attorney have 20% for the cause of protecting you?

The answer seems pretty clear to me. Call me at (651) 337-9876 or email me at [email protected] when you get hurt at work.

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