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State v. S.P.

June 2019

Client was initially charged with a hit-and-run. Later throughout the trial, the State added in a DWI charge. There was no chemical testing, no field sobriety testing, no testing at all. Surely, it was worth taking to trial.

The State insisted on a DWI plea, and I insisted on a careless driving plea. We showed up ready for trial.

However, a couple days before trial was to start, the State finally caved in and offered Client a Careless Driving plus Petty-Misdemeanor Hit-and-Run rather than a DWI. In the end, Client kept his driver's license and avoided the damage that often comes with a DWI on one's record.

Sometimes, even if a case doesn't end up going to trial, preparing for trial and aggressively negotiating can achieve good outcomes! Client was pleased.

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

Court: Anoka County

Brandon Lauer

-Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude -University of Minnesota Duluth, B.A. Political Science, Cum Laude -During law school, I spent time as a Student Attorney at both the State Public Defenders and the Wright County Public Defenders Offices -I also law clerked under b...

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